Atlanta, Ga - 2018
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Grier-Toombs-Ward Family
4202 E. Paris Street Tampa, FL 33610
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Our History:

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The Family

Toombs – Harry  “Namba” Toombs married Mary Toombs in 1880. Three sons were born George Toombs, Sr., James (Jim) Toombs and Benjamin Toombs.  George Toombs, Sr. married Pearlie Mae Stallings and 8 sons were born (George, Harry, Willie, Charles, Sylvester, Glen, Arthur Lee, Joseph and Theodore). James (Jim) “Namba” Toombs married Mary Toombs. To this union 3 sons were born (Edward Toombs, Fred Toombs & Levy Toombs).  Edward Toombs Never Married. Levy Toombs family history is unknown and Fred Toombs married Cornelia Toombs.

Grier - Toombs connection began with Cornelia and Fred Toombs of Dawson, Georgia who had 10 children. Their second child and daughter, Adele married Blonnie Grier (8 children). Blonnie was the son of Robert and Elmira Grier (10 children) and the grandson of Adam and Lucinda Grier (11 children).

Toombs - Ward connection began when Fred and Cornelia Toombs’ eldest daughter, Verdele Toombs, married Fred Ward, Sr. (11 children). Fred’s was the last of (5 children) born to Samuel and Betty Ward. Samuel later married Johnnie Lewis (6 children).

Rooted in pride, love and tradition, the Grier-Toombs-Ward Family Reunion is the bi-annual gathering of three strong families from Southeast Georgia that began many decades ago. Don't miss more details during the upcoming GTW Family reunion


Family Tree

Roots & Heritage